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The best webinar software to help you grow.

The best webinar software to help you grow.

These days, considering a webinar software tool is just another day in marketing. With so many options, how do you know which webinar software tools work best.

As a growth marketer supporting independent financial advisors, I often found myself wondering what tools will help advisors engage with prospects wherever, whenever. And, it had to be easy.

There are many reasons to consider webinars for business. To help you navigate the webinar who, what and how, I'd like to share my experience with you, and how I landed on WebinarJam as an amazing solution.

To help you get started,  here's a webinar script that's super easy to use so you can get  started when you’re ready… and it’s free.

Let's start by jumping into the Delorean and setting the time clock to 2019.

The stage in 2019: I'm the "CMO" for a financial marketing firm managing the growth of approximately 1500 advisors. The primary and most successful strategy for growth are consistent in-person seminars and education events promoted via direct mail. For independent financial professionals, It's been this way for decades.

In Q3 2019 I launched a new, social media driven product to market to live events, and it was blowing competitors out of the water. In fact, in less than three months, we were on a trend to add $1.5M of bottom line growth.

 Then, it all STOPPED. The pandemic took the most successful and longest running marketing tool away from our financial professionals.

I saw a vision of our clients, who we were very close to being forced to close there practice. Not just because they couldn't get in front of prospects, but they couldn't adequately communicate with their clients. Who would also struggle to find answers.

I knew I needed to find them a solution and I needed to do it fast.

At first, instinctually went to Zoom calls for clients and GoToWebinar for prospects. I quickly realized, this was a big mistake.

Instead of finding a winning solution that differentiated our financial professionals from the 500+ financial professionals in the US, we found competing heavily for attention, the software was clunky and difficult to manage for many advisors, security became a constraint, and there was no defined process to ensure growth.

After many hours and days of researching and testing I found WebinarJam. A solution that allowed me to go far beyond one-off webinars for our clients.

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should consider WebinarJam as part of your "growth stack."

  • You won't break the budget. WebinarJam is priced lower than most webinar-only providers. You can try it for 14 days for $1 before making a commitment.
  • WebinarJam has tons of training to help you engage more attendees.
  • Keeping your visitors engaged is easy with pop up offers for appointments, downloads, etc., countdowns to encourage attendees to take action, custom branding, and much more.
  • Customizable landing page templates designed to convert improve internal efficiencies, and take the guess work out of best practices for success.
  • On recoded webinars, if an attendee wants to participate you can immediately pull them into the live webinar, show their face and allow them to participate!
  • Integrates with many marketing platforms like Unbounce and Constant Contact to name a few.
  • Every webinar is automatically recorded with landing pages, live dialogue, CTAs, and branding so you can offer a replay, or use it as an automated evergreen webinar using EverWebinar. More to come on automated webinars and the huge benefits they offer.

This was a game changer for our financial professionals. Within no time at all, we trained them on simple best practices, launched their accounts and watched them grow when advisor weren't.

Use these best practices to help you create lasting experiences.

Ok, I realize there is no perfect solution. Here are a the cons.

  • There is a 10 second delay from live to what appears on the screen for attendees. This isn't as bad as it sounds. Remember, the attendee has no clue this is happening and it has no impact on the experience from their perspective.
  • Because WebinarJam is designed to be simple, deep customization is not an option.
  • Some integrations are not as cut and dry to set up.

Now, let's go over some of the pricing and you'll see how you can grow without breaking your budget.

WebinarJam has recently changed there pricing structure to better accomodate you and your budget:

  • Starter: This is the least expensive option at $39/month. Don't be fooled by the price. You still get the power of WebinarJam with unlimited webinars, 100 attendees per webinar, and more. Click here to see all features that come with Starter. 

  • Basic: You get a significant bump of 500 attendees per webinar, an additional host, and my favorite, automatic webinars for $79/month.
  • Professional: For $229/month the number of attendees quadruple to 2000, and the number of hosts goes up to four.  You also get a Panic Button which will immediately boot up a brand new live room and automatically transfer all presenters and attendees into it if you detect any issues with your webinar. Click here to see all of the features included in the Professional option,
  • Enterprise: The biggest and baddest option available offers all of the features of Starter, Basic and Pro with 5000 attendees per webinar, up to six hosts, and a whopping 4 hours of runtime per webinar. Enterprise is $379/month and you also get the best option for any company running multiple webinars, the control room.

    Imagine putting hundreds of people in a webinar room and you need to manage the whole thing: speaking and conducting the presentation, moderating the live chat, publishing polls and offers at the right time, highlighting announcements, inviting people to speak, Q&A. The Control Panel is a separate room for a colleague or a staff member to operate all the logistics of the event, while you focus on the presentation content. Check out a full list of features here.

Once you've started your trial, you'll notice how self explanatory the setup is. Don't worry though. Like I said earlier, they have lots of training videos to help you get started so you can get busy growing.

You've likely heard the term webinar fatigue. Here's a few stats in case you feel like webinars are a thing of the past.

Time-icon---52min The average viewing time for webinars in 2021 was 52 minutes, dispelling the myth of digital fatigue and that audiences won’t watch hour-long, or more, webinars.
1-Person-Icon Overall, in 2021, 55% of registrants converted into an attendee. Of registrants, 35% converted into live webinar attendees and 24% converted into on-demand attendees.
Time-icon---27min The average viewing time for on-demand webinars in 2021 was 27 minutes. On-demand webinars add life to the content you’ve already created, puts audiences in control of their journey and empowers you to drive more engagement.


Getting going can be intimidating, and I find that most of my clients would start the subscription and never get off the ground. So, to help you, I created a script and my 10-step planning process.

Click here to get the script.
Click here to view my 10-step webinar planning process.

Now you're you’re ready to try it. Why not? It's only a buck and it's worth it.

Click here to sign up for the 14 day trial for just $1 and be sure to come back here for tips on starting and running your first webinar.

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